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Greg and Chris

Excellent podcast Excellent episode 5 star’s excellent Special correspondent bring us live from Toronto, and Gregs scream at Chris (by far) the angriest he had on the pod . Also Jumping Charlie, props comic, Charles Darwin cryptocurrency.

Greg and Chris

Excellent podcast Excellent episode stars Hurricanes National Champion and two- time Super Bowl winner Jimmy Johnson join you two to talk about his new memoir , career , personal traials and life today. Also, you and Chris talk UM-FSU , Dolphins-Bears and a bet Chris won’t agree tp.



Carding it

Hopefully didn’t get on your sleeve

Greg and Chris

Excellent podcast Excellent episode On the new on Lebatard ‘s next “ Mas Miami “ fan event , new TV as we love Greg you fascinating with 54,000 year Neanderthal family, and from Dolphins-Steelers.





Greg and Chris

Excellent podcast Greg’s controversial new look Chris from Pittsburgh, Dolphins-Vikings talked major Jumping Charlies news Ah yeah , almost forgot,Tom Brady and Kanye West .

Mount Gregmore

More Mount Gregmores please

Interjection of the Year

🪑 👩 🛻 sit down mother trucker

Greg and Chris

Excellent podcast On a boat With hockey star Aarron Ekblad a rollicking new edition of “Greg doesn’t know movies “ a new Greg’s Lobos Hard Knocks and much more.

Livin la vida lobos

If Greg cote isn’t responsible for at least 80% of the talking, it’s difficult to finish the episode.

Greg and Chris

Excellent podcast Larry Csonka join to you two Also you discuss the Fins Tua Tagovailoa concussion controversy Hurricane Ian impact of dear friend and Barney the purple Dinosaur?

Greg is old (and wonderful)!

Great show, and the main reason I love it is because Greg is so old and they talk about that fact a lot. Please keep doing it.

Greg is amazing

Young gregory is great at poddin it

No Beans About It

To me, Greg Cote and his old timey references are soothing and very much appreciated. Sometimes their the punctuation mark on a story or a thought that pops into Greg’s mind that he needs to utter on his podcast.

I can’t give Greg less than 5 stars

Would of given 6 stars but yeti talks too much sometimes and to me it kind of derails the show. Is there a way yeti can be less involved?

Not old

Greg isn’t old he’s a Golden God.

It works!

Keep talking about yourselves! Cote’s show surpasses all others.

Old man schtick

That old man schtick is exactly what i love! Even though it’s just Greg being Greg. also Chris and Yeti lay off the old man! That kind of thing.

5 star but…

Love the show, disappointed the Mia WIN was buried until the last mins of the show. Seems like y’all talked about the Dolphins losing in the past than them actually winning a great game Sunday

Awfully good


Right onnnn

Oh boy… do I love Greg, Chris, and Steak Sauce (joke)! The best part about this show is learning about the 1939 classic film, The Wizard of Oz. Greg is perfect.

Greg and Chris

Excellent podcast You two on why Dolphins shocking win in Baltimore was so special to them Also , new world premiere song of latest Hard Knocks you Lobos , and dealing with Dad.

Livin la vida lobos

Nobody meanders like Greg cote

Greg Cote

Tua Tua Tua (background: distant lobos howl)

Love Greg

I love the show but Greg we don’t need your mt gregmore

Greg and Chris

Excellent show Special Football Preview edition! Fantasy trip from Anthony “ Tony” Calattayud of Dan LeBatard Show, NFL/ College Outlook and season 2 premier of Greg’s Lobos Hard Knocks Excellent win for the Your FIU Golden 🐆 FAU 🦉UCF Knights Florida🐊 Miami Hurricanes and FSU Seminoles

Major Billy vibes

Is that a Hall & Oats shirt?