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Pod-in’ it!

Long Live Greg Cote

Greg Cote

Deckyl and decker. Tears. Deck Cote. Salute!

Greg reads the internet.

I love listening to Greg read the internet.

Izzy was super judgy about being a “guest” to the Cite picnic

I’ve always loved Izzy Gutierrez but he came across as super critical of the picnic festivities, food, activities, etc. I think it sounded like a great time and I don’t think it warranted such harsh comments. Sounds like Chris and his friend had everything planned out and organized.

Greg and Chris

Excellent show interview Stugot Mike Ryan and you son Chris Cote mock you by not going to Lake Tahoe You and Dan talked about the Late Hank Greenberg .

beach party planning 5 ⭐️

It was great fun to hear you guys planning this beach get together for your families. It was very nostalgic and very sweet! I hope it was great fun and can’t wait to hear about it. Your parents will love this. I think Chris’s friend might have a solution regarding Greg’s voice and drinking dairy products every morning. Wouldn’t that be amazing if it was something so simple to fix?


Great pod 💯

Greg and Chris

Excellent show and Father’s Day episode! 5 ⭐️

Greg and Chris

Excellent show you are staying at a Haunted Bed and Breakfast in St. Augustine ? and talking about swinging with other People? Excellent

Greg Cote

Salute to “dead air”.

Greg and Chris

Excellent show you and Chris 90’s songs father and son Olympics


Gregs voice is ….. Back!!!! Salute to Greg, and letting Chris win….. obviously

Close encounter

Has a giant indoor volcano and directed by Stephen Spielberg. 1/2 point for Greg

Greg and Chris

Excellent show today! You are taking side with Dan. Lebatard beef with a local writer congratulations you Chris Parening milestone event 5 bowling Father Son Cote Olympics

The greatest and most important show of all time

Greg and Chris are pillars of the podcasting/entertainment realm and deserve all the awards available. Icons of the industry. Kings of comedy.


Follow, rate, review: whoever broke the dart is disqualified. That kinda thing!!!!


Complaining about being entertained during a game ? Lol come on grumpy old man

Fun Show!

Chris Cote should have been spanked more as a child

Greg and Chris

Excellent show today! To the dartboard in the Father-son Olympics a special live report from Jessica Smetma of the Dan LaBatard show , Greg gripefest kickhigh gear. Excellent 5 stars

Another great show...

The chemistry between the three of you guys is great. Keep it going. I like the merch!


Follow, rate, review: always love the show, great job.

Love the show

I love the podcast the Cote father and son combo is very unique, Greg is the kind of dad I strive to be, …. I really hope you these guys are coming to Lake Tahoe again this year. Who needs me? And Yeti does a great job!!

Feeling let down

I don’t know why I still respect you after I sent my SASE and never got my stickers. Can we get the return of drunk angry Mickey Mouse in a pair of gaberdene slacks ?

Greg and Chris

Excellent show today! Greg ‘s 50 yard field goal?!

Great show today

Loved the footrace and 50 yard field goal discussion! Yeti talking about Tom Petty was cool. Saw him on The Full Moon Fever tour. Best live show I've ever seen.


Follow, rate, review: great show. I’m taking Greg +110 in the shopping event. Salute to yeti missing his 1 year.

Greg and Chris

Excellent show today! You and Chris discussed the Heat stand stand in with their playoffs against Atlanta entering game5 and Greg and Chairs have debut the Côte Olympics with first twin and golf

Greg and Chris

U guys are the best … well right under Dan , Stu , Jess , Roy , Billy , mike and oh yeah tony and Hildey from Django unchained … but you guys are tops other than the rest of the main crew . Matter of fact you guys are kinda the worst now that I think about it ! Jk love the show always listen Monday on my way to work. Keep it up son and dad . Super happy for all of you .

Good show

Good show

Greg and Chris

Excellent show today! You and Chris and your family on the world largest cruise Royal Caribbean are gambling drinking and laughing enjoy!