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Enough Chris !

Chris lay off your dad. Your all over him for everything all the time. Your lack of patience with your father is driving me away from this pod! Let Greg Cote be Greg Cote. Hate to say it but i had to stop listening to episode 12 because of Chris's smothering of his dad.

Funniest Thing

How funny would it be if Greg realizes it’s his show and we are here for him and he fires Chris? Chris, back off. Let Greg be Gregin’ it! It’s why we are here!!!!

Greg Cote is a great Dad

Shut it Chris. We listen to this show for Greg Cote updates on all things that Greg Cote is interested in. Get over yourself Chris. Greg. You keep giving us dog , horse and other updates cause we like that . Can’t wait until you release your made up sport .

Picking on your mom now????

You’re starting to look like an entitled, spoiled and bratty son. It’s such an unattractive side of you. You are NEVER going to win an argument with your mom! She is the boss and she is wonderful!!

Check yourself

Get heathy my man your a national treasure make sure your health is good

Greg’s illness is very serious

I hope that your leg heals Greg. That is super scary and if not treated throughly, is so dangerous. I’ve also heard it is very painful so I’m sorry you have been suffering. Take care.

Greg Cote is a great Dad

Listening to Chris Cote be contrite to his Dad was long coming. I have a Son and he always thinks he is smarter than me but the one thing he doesn’t know is the reason he is where he is , it’s because of me. Likewise with Chris Cote. Your Dad is a genius. He should be honored with awards due to his humanity. The fact that Greg Cote absolved you from any guilt shows how good of a Dad and person he is. I also absolve my Son because he really doesn’t know what it was like to start with nothing and build everything to his advantage. Thank you Chris for the humbleness you showed today.

Suey nominee

Sing to the tune of the One Direction song from Top Gun Maverick. I had to take a crap…… Made it into Charlie’s stall but there’s no TP………… Wiped my butt with my hand…… Swiped it like a credit card between my butt cheeks…………. And now I’m gonna go eat hot wings……… Make sure they’re all flats, $19.99 a pound….. ……. Gonna eat a pound of hot wings…….. I don’t need no naps, I’ll just lick my hands….. ….. I ain’t worried bout it

Cote is always great!!

Keep killin it ya’ll….always enjoy the podcast!!

Tony K actually on the pod!!

This was incredibly delightful. I’ve never listened to PTI because I can’t stand Wilbon ever since he disrespected Stugotz in the MOST horrendous way on Dan’s show and it was disgusting. He acted like he was the almighty but he is not. I wish Tony had his OWN SOLO show!

D’n it!

D’n it! Pod’n it!

Sleeping out side

Up can’t testify for Toney and say what his word implies he showed up can on show

Greg Cote Wins Tony the K was on the Podcast!!!

Chris Cote is a sore loser Daddy Wins!!!!


Pirate Radio Anthem is an awesome song! I miss it :( Greg lost the Tony K bet. Team Chris.


Great episode. Holiday themed. A great listen

Great holiday pod!!

Eggcellent! I loved it!


this is a good show, only virgins disagree

Greg and Chris

Excellent podcast Excellent episode 5 star’s excellent Special correspondent bring us live from Toronto, and Gregs scream at Chris (by far) the angriest he had on the pod . Also Jumping Charlie, props comic, Charles Darwin cryptocurrency.

Greg and Chris

Excellent podcast Excellent episode stars Hurricanes National Champion and two- time Super Bowl winner Jimmy Johnson join you two to talk about his new memoir , career , personal traials and life today. Also, you and Chris talk UM-FSU , Dolphins-Bears and a bet Chris won’t agree tp.



Carding it

Hopefully didn’t get on your sleeve

Greg and Chris

Excellent podcast Excellent episode On the new on Lebatard ‘s next “ Mas Miami “ fan event , new TV as we love Greg you fascinating with 54,000 year Neanderthal family, and from Dolphins-Steelers.





Greg and Chris

Excellent podcast Greg’s controversial new look Chris from Pittsburgh, Dolphins-Vikings talked major Jumping Charlies news Ah yeah , almost forgot,Tom Brady and Kanye West .

Mount Gregmore

More Mount Gregmores please

Interjection of the Year

🪑 👩 🛻 sit down mother trucker