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Subscribing it!

Chris Cote this is for you.

Bring back his child!!!!

Subscribing it. Rating it. Reviewing it. Baby....

He has a child...

I don’t listen to this one but Greg is Chris Cote’s father and that’s 5 star enough... Bring back Chris Cote!


Love the show/ the cote’s/ shipping container. Will follow wherever you all end up. Espn making a huge mistake.

Y’a never know!

I’m here for Chris. Maybe I’ll continue to listen, maybe I won’t!

Gregg is great

Great show, except for when Chris berates his loving father. Second “g” is there to prove I’m a listener.

We love you Chris (and Greg)

Keep up the great work. Looking forward to hearing more from this amazing pod. Ya neva know what’s going to happen!


Chris Cote is now a legend

Yaaaa never know!

I’ve had watery pea soup—it’s awful. I’ve had gelatinous pea soup—it’s terrible. Pea soup, much like clam chowder, needs that consistency first... Listen to the Greg Cote podcast for more pro soup tips!


Chris Cote. GOAT

Love the Cotes

Chris is going to be missed and I hope to see this show renamed The Greg Cote show with Chris Cote!

Missing you on a Tuesday

Will miss you on the lebatard show especially the energy you brought to the local hour openings! Chris Cote you will be missed. Downloaded this pod and will give it a try!

Best Pod Since Saving Private Ryan

Best Pod Since Saving Private Ryan

Incredible show

One of my favorites Christ and Greg are awesome to listen to

Following Chris

Since Chris’s departure from ESPN, I’m all in here!


This was a fantastic show !!! Chris and Greg tandem is the best !

Subbed once I heard the news

Just like some of the other reviews Ive seen, I subbed to this podcast as soon as I found out I wont be getting my daily dose of Chris Cote anymore on the Dan Le Batard show!! Cmon ESPN 👎🏾

Chris and Greg are awesome!

ESPN really messed up this one. Definitely not subscribing to ESPN+, better believe my new daily show is going to be this one!

Chris Cote!!!!

Did this for you Chris!!!

We love and miss you Chris!!!

Greg Cote is truly a delight!!! Here to show love and respect to both you and your son Chris.


Love the Cote family and their work. Stay naked, Chris.

I love the Cote’s!

You guys are awesome! Chris big things are ahead of you brother! You have always been my favorite.

Review’n it

No one give the people what they want more than Scoops Cote! Love you guys and what you all do for us people

I love u guys.

"I'm Chris Cote ESPN" - Fat Chris. Chris u are the most positive person out of the shipping container and just the show in general. The show won't be the same without u. Shame on ESPN for actively trying to get rid of the show. The Le batard show is the only thing I religiously watch on television. I hope the show moves on from ESPN. The show deserves much better. Chris you will be missed and I hope u reunite with the show on a different platform. Much love and success to you and your family. - We live in a racist country


Best sports podcast show ever...Le Batard has been using Greg Cote to boost his ratings for years. Now, the Pheonix has arose from the ashes; out of the coal comes the diamond; from the muck and mire arises a gym (the afore mentioned similes being the Le Batard show and the latter being Greg Cote.) In short, GOAT!!!

Greg Cote

I think Greg Cote is the best part of this podcast.

Chis Cote

thanks Chis i look forward to listening to you here i am now boycotting espn until the lebitard show comes back