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Ya never know

Podding it!


I have no idea what’s going on.... but I like it

Greg GOATe Show

Ya never knoooooooow . . . But I do know Greg is the goat. Baybeh!

Greg Cote is incredible

Podcastin’ it!!!

Living legend

Pay that man his money


Ya never know!!!!

Biggest podcast in the world! Bigger than Oprah!

Why did it take this long Greg? Awesome podcast.

Fantastic podcast

Keep it up Cote! Bae bae

Podcasting it!


Five-Staring It!

The announcer at the start stinks though.

Reviewin’ it!

This show eats butt.

U never know!

First time, long time. Cote, u sound like death. Don’t sleep, cause sleep is the cousin of death! Lol. Love u bro. #twodollars #penaltybox #walktotheocean #hardnetworkout

Subscribing it!

Gerd coat is a legend amongst men

Soup of the da(hard network out)

Love to see Greg having his own show and can’t wait to see what he can do without LeBatard holding him back.


This show just won a Marconi! What is that, a pasta!?

Clicking it

Ya neverrrrrr knooooowwwwwwwww

Pod-Ing IT!!!!

Pod-Ing IT!!!!


Scoops Cote himself gives you all the scoops straight from his walk-in closet.

Greg is the goat

I’m Greg Cote, ESPN

Poddin’ it

If the third nipple is anywhere but the chest, it’s referred to as a wart

Get Cote is a legend

Love the pod, keep at it Greg!


Sounds like CBS looks. Sweet, milky, nostalgia

305 till I die

The singing Sports columnist is just spectacular. This man should receive an award daily for his contributions to my ear drums. This mans sense of humor is just impeccable. I love you Greg Cote

Reviewin’ It!

Ya never know!

Cote is the goat

Greg cote is the best !!