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Greg and Chris

Excellent show today! You and Chris excellent show today Florida Panthers Ryan Lonberg joined you and Chris talk about being a hitting. Though guy at 5-9 also movie pranks and curling More that hockey fans will enjoy our fan chat .

Route vs route

Shout out to Greg for asking a very important question. I’m from Minnesota and pronounced it same as Mr. J.T. but always wonder about pronunciation of words like that. For example: hexagonal vs hexagonal


Pirate Radio Anthem is an awesome song! I miss it :(

I like it that Greg reintroduces guests throughout the podcast

I really do!! I think it’s respectful to the guest and helpful to the listeners.

Greg and Chris

Excellent show today! You and Chris excellent show today

Greg and Chris

Excellent show today! You and Chris interview Ryan Lonberg joined talked about the Florida Panthers a big hitting guy tough guy. Aliso movie prank


How come Dan and Stew don’t talk more? You should arm wrestle D. (No I can’t spell that) Foxworth. Use “over the top” and you can crush him no problem.

Radio Gold!


Foot in his mouth

Yeti footin it!

Reviewin It

I’ve never gotten a hernia whilst listening to this podcast

Greg GOATe

Followin it!

Number 1

Author of The Cobbler

It’s Cote!

Love the show… subscribed to get you to number 1!

Pay Greg Cote more specifically for this podcast

Do the right thing. Great show, great asset to any portfolio! Very respectfully, - Customer

5 stars

Great pod!


Poddin’ it!

My guy

This is the best podcast. Not only do I wait for every Monday, but this man is the greatest. He’s the best. Chris Cote and Yeti are also fantastic. Keep it up. Sending love from Austin.

Five star show; weird structure tho

I feel weird supporting a show owned by a company that won’t pay its talent. Greg probably ought to go independent as he’s “bigger” than the Herald by now (at least relative to the overhead each has), but he probably doesn’t want the headache, has good relationships at the Herald, etc. So here’s hoping he gets paid for doing this pod.

Poddin’ It!!!

It’s with Greg Cote not featuring Greg Cote.

Great Show

Love their family dynamic and no one takes themselves too seriously! Best way to start my Mondays :). Get better Yetti!

Greg is amazing

Greg is in the most obnoxious way the most amazing podcaster to ever podcast a podcast. Greg Cote FOREVER

Top 5 Sitcom Characters

1. Homer Simpson 2. Sam Malone 3. Diane Chambers 4. Archie Bunker 5. Lucy Ball Now that’s a list. You guys need to step up your list game. You never know.

Mt Rushmore of sitcom characters

You guys left out Homer Simpson

Better than dans show!

Love Greg fest!!!!! Can do man

Greg is the man

The best of was great ! Happy New Years to the entire show


Great show ! Greg is the best

Thank you

Greg Cote show with Greg cote Happy holidays

Great listen!

Really enjoyed this and all episodes.


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