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5th of July

One of the 14 listeners who sadly only had this podcast to enjoy after the Fourth of July. Podin it!

No Guest

Show is Great when Greg just rambles without a guest. And some of us do work the day after the 4th. All other shows are on repeat or guest hosts so having a fresh show is awesome.

Get Greg a Lozenge

Or something. Love the show, but ya neva know how Greg is gonna sound. Feel better soon

Love the Cote Podcast

My favorite podcast Greg & Chris is such a great combo. Love to see how uncomfortable Greg can make Chris

I need a Greg Cote show sticker!

I need a Greg Cote Show sticker!

The GREG Cote Show

Love Chris Cote. But did anyone tell him that it’s the GREG Cote show, not the Chris Cote Show? We’re listening to hear what Greg wants to talk about, not what Chris thinks Greg should talk about. 🙂



Three words…

We… are… The LOBOS!!!

Devastated to hear about Riley

I am so very sorry to hear about Riley. This is soul crushing and hurts for a long time. I’m truly sorry. You honored the military in a very lovely way too which is appreciated and was noticed.


What a nice surprise on a Memorial Day. Thanks!!


Is a town name as well


Just like Jesus

Ya never know

Ya never know!

Greg how could you forget

Grand Funk Railroad!!!! It's a crime they are not in the hall.



New cast

It took long enough, but the new voice elevated the show. Greg, you are getting better and better. Few can. Please don’t fire Chris. RQ6


Greg Cote is the man!


I’m beyond ecstatic for Yeti Blanc and can’t wait to hear his influence on the podcast. Congratulations my friend.

Jake Paul

Someone may want to inform Chris about the Jake Paul controversies before he goes all in on his Jake Paul love...

Mount Gregmore

Chris, please do a Mount Gregmore where you induct your 5 favorite Mount Gregmores that Greg has done.

Greg Cote is an excellent interviewer.

I get the show, so whatever, but Greg is talented and gets excellent guests. Well done. I’m more interested in his interviews than I am with the Douglas guy that Dan loves to interview. That guy is a quack. The Cary Champion interview was amazing though. Keep it up!


Sounds like he’s annoyed by the “colored” quarterback!!! Zigacky!!!!


This is a perfectly adequate show. Five stars

Linkin Park segment...

...was absolutely hysterical. Amin's portion was fantastic 😂😂 You guys are amazing!!! Keep being you!

Unsubscribing it

A Greg Cote Podcast with Greg Cote episode without Mt Gregmore is not the Greg Cote Podcast with Greg Cote I have came to know and love.

You neva know!

This show is amazing!

Greg and the Comish!

Two of my favorite people to listen to. Keep up the great work!