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Love it.

Fun pod.

Great show

Very entertaining show


Great show probably better than Le Batard show nowadays

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The only reason I bought an iPhone was so I could rate The Greg Cote Show 5 stars on Apple Podcasts. I’m now out $500 but the show is worth it. Poddin’ it!


Hard Network Out...

Greg with one G

Thank you Greg ! Thank you Greg ! Ya never know


Amazing listen, keep it coming!! For anyone who is looking for something, this is it.

Good pod

Good pod

Proudly taking a sip from my coffee thermos...

Did I rate this 5 stars? Yaaaaa never know!


You’re the best Greg!!!!!!

Reviewin It!

Great content! Greg, I hope you get all the ESPN talent now that Lebatard has been jettisoned from the mothership!



Greg’s Sack

5 stars for Greg’s Mail Sack.

Mount Gregmoore

I need a list of foods that require an aggressive peppering!

Mount Gregmore

Dr. Rick is by far the best insurance commercial.


This episode came out on my dads birthday. He passed away a few years ago and hearing Greg and Stugotz talk about their loss made me both incredibly sad and happy. Thank you guys for always being there!

Little Greg Cote from Hollywood , FL

I’ve been catching up with the Greg Cote Show with Greg Cote and learned you are from Hollywood , FL . I graduated from S Broward HS in 1982 . Listening to your Pod and learning more about you brought back some good memories of my time in Hollywood from 1979-1982 . Good times !


You neva knoooooow! Greg is always funny and this show is a fun listen while I’m stuck at work.


Can you do a interview with Andy Mulivihill on his book Action Park FAST TIMES, WILD RIDES, and the UNTOLD STORY OF AMERICA’S MOST DANGEROUS AMUSEMENT PARK

Love the show

Love the show


Fantastic show !!


Babying It

Soccer talk

Great show. I see you have a soccer ball in your Greg Cote Show with Greg Cote logo. I would love to hear Greg Cote’s thoughts on whatever soccer league he follows. Thanks!


Great Pod with Sarah, Greg is a hoot!



Exceeded expectations

I learn of David through the local hour on Dan LeBatard, I like the banter with Mike Ryan. This is much better than I ever thought.

You neva KNOOoooOOOW

Love Greg and his self centered, terrible dad humor, and inept ability to understand how radio, zoom, or anything for that matter works. But I also love his love for the show and everyone on it.

Mondays Greg Cote Show Podcast

Wow, what a craptastic podcast. At this point you have to ask, are they really trying to be this bad. Step up your game, Cote’s.